Dogs’ FAQs – What Does Dog-Friendly Mean?

Answers to some questions we’ve been asked by dogs, followed by some key points for humans.

Dog-friendly holiday

Q: The Bosses like going to top notch holiday cottages but most aren’t dog-friendly so I’m not allowed, and they usually have to stick me in boarding kennels. Your places are pretty special with lots of Stars, so would you really let me come?
A: Yes! (Although you’d have to bring at least one human with you). Why not? You’ve been well trained, so you’re not going to chew things or go in the bedrooms are you? If you’re used to being on the sofa at home, then you’ll need to ask your humans to bring some big throws to cover our sofas for you.
And when you arrive you’ll find a Bonio waiting for you, and a special tag to wear that shows you’re on holiday at our dog-friendly cottages. (It also has our contact details on it in case you happen to wander off, but it’s really to show other dogs that you’re staying somewhere special. Honestly.)

Q: But at most places they seem to worry about me leaving hairs on their carpets – don’t you?
A: We have hard floors throughout, so no carpets, just the odd rug that’s easy to clean. (We’d like to pretend we did that just for you, but really it’s because we have underfloor heating which makes our cottages nice and cosy for humans. And dogs, of course.)

Q: How much extra are you going to charge for me to come? If it’s cheaper for me to stay in kennels, guess where I’ll end up?
A: We ask your owners to spend a bit of time cleaning up and removing any of your hairs, which reduces our extra work, but there’s always some extra cleaning work to do after we’ve had a dog guest. Our cleaners are very good, but they don’t work for free so we pay them for the extra work and charge your owners for this. It’s not much, currently £10, but don’t you think you’re worth it?

Q: How far do I have to go before we get to somewhere nice for a walk and a game?
A: The end of our drive, which is about 50 yards. Right outside there’s open land; no cars, just lots of land. Miles of it. Sometimes there’s sheep around and you might need to go a bit further to be away from them. (They’re stupid animals and seem to be afraid of dogs.)

Dog-friendly splashing
Q: So can I get really muddy, and maybe splash around in a bit of water?

A: Yes to both! There’s usually mud around, even if humans can’t find it dogs always do, and if you like water there’s a beck (you might call it a stream, depending on where you come from). When you get back, you’ll find we’ve provided a bucket, sponge and towel so you can have a nice wash. (Sorry….)

Q: Can I have a bit of space without the Bosses coming out with me? There are some things I just don’t like doing on a lead.
A: Yes. Our cottages each have their own small enclosed area where you can be out on your own; you just have to promise not to disturb other guests (okay?). Oh, and you have to make sure your owners clear up after you. They’ll be used to that, anyway.

Q: Can the Bosses leave me behind when they go out?
A: No, that’s something we don’t allow. Lots of dogs get upset in a strange place if their owners are out. The exception is if you’re happy and content to stay in your own cage for a relatively short time, and aren’t going to howl or make a fuss or disturb other guests (as if you would).

Q: So does that mean the Bosses won’t be able to go out for a meal? They like doing that.
A: We’re very lucky here; there are two pubs in the village that both serve really good food, and both are dog-friendly in their bar areas. You can’t go in the restaurants, but they serve the same menu in the bar anyway. (Steaks are good. So are the sausages.)

Q: I’ve heard something about dogs being put on trial in your area, which is a bit of a worry. What did they do?
A: That would be the famous Sheepdog Trials, which is Border Collies showing off and competing for prizes. There’s nothing for you to worry about. They also like to pose by riding around on the backs of quad bikes. Just ignore them.

Q: It sounds wonderful! How do I book?
A: You’ll have to ask your owners. Try one of those imploring looks that never fail. They’ll thank you.

Some bullet points for humans:

Q: How many dogs do you accept?
A: Both The Byre and The Haystore are fine for two dogs of pretty much any size and The Carthouse has room for three. We can take more, but the suitability of each cottage will depend on the breed/size and temperament of the dogs and if they all get on. Please get in touch to discuss – we want to be sure our accommodation matches your needs.

Q: Will you accept a puppy?
A: We have to maintain very high standards of  presentation of furnishings and as a general rule we can’t accept dogs under 12 months old. However, if your puppy is crate trained and fully house trained, and not prone to chewing, please get in touch to discuss.

Q: Are there any breeds you won’t accept?
A: We cannot accept dogs that are on the current official list of prohibited breeds, otherwise we welcome all breeds. We have other guests and it is your responsibility to ensure that your dog(s) are not a genuine threat to them.

Q: What restrictions are there on where in the property dogs can go?
A: We have to respect the requirements of all our guests and we therefore don’t allow dogs in bedrooms. In The Byre and The Haystore the sleeping space for dogs is immediately outside the bedrooms (see the floorplans for each cottage). If you want to allow your dog on our lounge sofas, please bring plenty of  your own throws to cover them. We provide stairgates so you can restrict where your dog can go while you’re asleep.